Stephen Just

Stephen Just

Interface to Manage Racing Game Assets

SuperTuxKart Add-ons Screenshot

I have been involved with the open source game Supertuxkart for a number of years. This is an open-source racing game similar in game-play to MarioKart. It is included in the package repositories for most major Linux distributions.

In late 2009, a contributor by the name 'xapantu' implemented a method for installing user-created content for the game through a simple built-in interface. He also designed a simple web site to manage this content online.

In 2011, I inherited xapantu's system, and developed it until it reached its present state. Today, there are over a million downloads per month from this site.

Since I started working on this project, it has grown from a simple proof-of-concept to a fully functioning platform for the game's thousands of players to share their ideas through. The community's response to the project has been overwhelmingly positive so far.

This website remains active (in a read-only state) for older releases of the SuperTuxKart game. Content for newer game releases are hosted on a different service, derived from this one.


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